Jacinta Lee

Jacinta Lee

Meet Jacinta Lee, the financial maestro and guiding compass of BD. As our Chief Financial Officer and Advisor, Jacinta is the heartbeat of our financial health. Her role? It’s all about keeping us on track financially, providing insightful business advice, and ensuring every decision is smart and sustainable.

But Jacinta is more than her impressive professional prowess. She’s the warmth in our office, the ‘mother’ who ensures everyone is not just okay, but thriving. Her passion is not just for numbers, but for people. She truly embodies the spirit of caring and empowerment.

Her mantra: “Success is not just in the balance sheets, but in the smiles of our team.” And believe me, under her guidance, there are plenty of smiles to go around!
So, here’s to Jacinta – a leader, a protector, and the advisory genius who makes BD not just a place to work, but a place to grow.