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From Classroom Dreams to Real Estate Reality: The Origin of B&D Realty

"A shared vision for a distinctive, innovative approach"

In the heart of Burpengary East, two high school mates, Brock and Dan, discovered a gap that needed bridging.

Immersed in the cutthroat world of luxury inner-city real estate, they couldn’t help but notice the stark contrast in energy and quality back home. Fueled by a shared vision, in 2017 they embarked on a journey, starting from a humble shed, to revolutionise their local market.

Bringing their high-end expertise to the suburbs, they didn’t just sell homes; they transformed them. Hands-on, they enhanced street appeal, blending top-notch marketing with unparalleled presentation.

The impact was undeniable – record-breaking sales and a buzzing word-of-mouth wave that propelled them forward.

As their venture evolved, so did their mission. No longer just two individuals, the company was now so much more than that, it became a team that embodied the founding spirit.

In a nod to their roots and the collective drive that defines them, B&D Realty evolved into BD Realty – a testament to a journey that’s about more than just two friends, but a community united in excellence.


BD Philosophy

“A rising tide raises all ships.”

Our purpose is to cultivate an environment of shared prosperity, growth and well-being; Within our team, with our clients, throughout our industry, and for the broader community.

BD Values

1 We create our own luck.

Through proven process, hard work, and a can do attitude sometimes the impossible can become the possible.

2 Do it once, do it right.

We’ll be the first to ask you to slow down. A day in preparation saves weeks in battle.

3 Think Long Term

Some of our best referrers are people we haven’t had the pleasure of doing business with because we advised them to hold.

4 Rookies assume, Pros double check.

A fire is best put out by never being started. We won’t assume anything and work on the detail.

BD Realty

Genuine care, lasting impressions.

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