Jesse Jones

Jesse Jones
Project Management

Introducing Jesse Jones: The Powerhouse of Project Management & Works!

Fun Fact! Jesse has been with us since before the company was even born! 7+ years ago! BD wouldn’t be what it is without him. He’s the driving force behind the WOW Factor that our properties are renowned for. As our go-to expert in Project Management & Works, Jesse is the mastermind who transforms every property into a masterpiece. When he’s not actively working his magic on properties, you’ll find him meticulously planning the next big project.

But what truly sets Jesse apart is his quiet, unstoppable energy. He’s a powerhouse who moves with determination and purpose, refusing to let anything slow him down or stand in the way of achieving excellence. His commitment to never let the team down is not just a professional stance; it’s a testament to his immense dedication and work ethic.

Jesse’s genuine care for those around him is as impressive as his professional skills. He’s not just a colleague; he’s a guardian angel for our projects and a steadfast supporter for our team. Willing to go the extra mile for anyone, Jesse embodies the spirit of teamwork and compassion that we all aspire to.