Tyson Von Hoff

Tyson Von Hoff
Director | BD The Shire

Few times in my life have I met someone like the bloke I’m about to introduce. An ex-tradie we sat down for the first time together at the office where I explained I wasn’t looking to hire an employee but to grow a business partner.

Let’s just say, he took that heart, and two years on here we are..

Introducing Tyson Von Hoff – the driving force and face of excellence at BD The Shire. As Director, Tyson is the embodiment of what it means to be a top-tier Real Estate Agent.

What sets Tyson apart? It’s his blend of expert negotiation skills, an unmatched ability to build lasting rapport, and a commitment to repeat business through above and beyond customer service. His philosophy is simple yet powerful: “Every client, every deal, every time – it’s about going the extra mile.”

Tyson isn’t just about results; he’s about the journey, too. His work ethic? Unparalleled. His attitude? Infectiously positive. His approach? Nothing short of motivational. I have a hard time getting this fella to go home! Tyson is the unstoppable force that keeps our team aiming higher, dreaming bigger, and achieving more.